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When We Go

Excerpt from one of the chapters on a new book that I started. The book will be called When We Go

“There’s these guys talkin dirt on the Army. Wees were all drinkin our beer, mindin our own business. They wouden stop and theys knews we were hearin em. Sos this other guy, name’s Chief Warrant Officer Abraham Cornelius Bamson, that’s his full name, he was by hisself at the bar. We all know his name cuz he is da man. Everyone knows it on post and offin post too. The Chief, he told em to stop, easy like, nothin to make em mad. Likes I said, wees calls him Chief. Sometimes we call him Cornelius or Bam Bam but never to his face. Only his SF friends can call him Bam Bam.

Anyway. They wouldn’t, so bam, and down went the first guy. Next guy jumps up and same thing, one punch, bam, down he goes too, same’s the first one. So, the third one got up, a big Navy dude, who ducked and weaved, but it didn’t do no good, same thing, one punch, gotim in the chin, and bam, down he went, out cold, colder-n-winter in North Dakota. And dats why they call him Bam Bam but likes I said, wees regula enlisted types, we jus call him Chief.”


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