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Excerpt for a Potential Movie Script, thinking of Renee Zellweger for the part. What do you think?:

“I came into his story in the middle, you might say. When he, Rio, had just turned fifteen and I went to cover my first game, first time being a sports journalist. Already told you that. Anyway, it was fall in Long Island, perfect soccer weather. Huntington was playing Deer Field. I had my camera, my phone, my note pad and my Twitter account. I was good at tweeting. That’s one of the reasons I got the job, perky blond woman, 45 that could tweet. Ha! Don’t see that every day. Anyway, back to Rio. The game started. I almost forgot to do the journalist thing. He touched the ball, and the world was in order, his game was beautiful, he turned everything around him into a thing of beauty, pass, watch the field movements, adjust, move the ball back, patience, find the weakness and in the split of a second before you saw it, he had seen it, the opening, a deft pass and a score. I knew that I needed to find the beginning of the story, to find the start and to do that I had to take a drive from our little suburbia of Huntington to the edge of where the Big Apple begins driving west to Queens.” Character Role of Benni Duffy narrating how she discovered Rio

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John Doe
3 years ago

Amazing Read, highly recommended!

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