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I started writing El Capitan so I could capture the stories of my father, of his life growing up in Ecuador and then in Colombia where he met my mom. We call him Papito. The grandkids shortened Papito to “Pito” and my mother, Mamita, became Mita. I thought that one day, when our kids and grandkids were old enough, they might want to know of these stories that tell of the place where it all began for them and to know real courage that is not the make-believe kind. Pito and Mita are my heroes but Pito is now with the Lord. That is how El Capitan started. In the writing it evolved into a more complex story.

ABOUT Carlos

My writing

This image is from the video, the book trailer for El Capitan. It is of a young woman standing on a hilltop in the Andes of South America. Down below is the expanse of a valley and the town. Beyond the valley on the other side are the mountains reaching to the clouds. This scene and others from the video are not in the book. They are images of what will come in the follow-on story to El Capitan that will take the story back to the roots of the Senteri family, back to Ecuador and Colombia. Those are my roots. In one of the scenes in El Capitan, the one at the funeral, a US Army soldier shows up. He is wearing a green beret on his head. No one knows who he is, or what he is doing there except for Sergio, the father. This is the connection back to the roots for why the Senteri’s left Ecuador. It started in Colombia. The soldier’s name is Miguelito Senteri.

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